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I’m also asking you to share these CONNECTPOINTS with your friends and family members and ask them to subscribe. Subscribing to ConnectPoint, our YOUTUBE channel, and/or our other social media platforms are the new ways to connect and invite, invite, invite. If you and I don’t find new ways to share our faith and to connect with people in our sphere of influence, how will they hear about the good news of the gospel? These media platforms are the new tools for sharing our faith.

Family, almost everyday somebody asks me this question; “how are you doing”? My response to that question is almost always the same, which is, I’m trying to remain grateful and to give God praise. I realize that this answer may seem superficial but it’s the truth. I believe by faith, my wife and I are doing well, but what are the tools for measuring our wellbeing that we should use when answering this question?

See, make no mistake about it, trying to lead an amazing church called the Resurrection Center through a pandemic is one of the most difficult tasks Glynis and I have ever faced. There are so many uncertainties beyond our control. However, there are no uncertainties in God and that’s why we must continue to put our complete trust and faith in Him. My wife and I are so grateful for every prayer you pray, every word of encouragement, every phone call, text, email or the very few in person visits. By the way, virtual hugs are appreciated, but we long for in person hugs.

I want you to know that I don’t really know how or when we will get through this pandemic, but I do know that we will get through it together. I recently heard that it is estimated that a very high percentage of lead pastors will not be leading the church after the pandemic because of mental health issues, related to the stress of leading through these unprecedented times. These stats are not good, and I decree and declare by the grace and mercy of Jesus Christ that this will not be our story. (Now’s a good time to say AMEN.)

Family, I’m so thankful for the positive news regarding the development of a vaccine and I give God praise for the wisdom He’s given to scientists and doctors. While I am hopeful and grateful for the accomplishments that are being made to fight this pandemic, no one knows how much longer it will be before the church is allowed to have large gatherings again. We must remain prayerful, vigilant and patient. God is preparing US for something great.

Now for the really exciting news! Starting this Sunday at 11:30am eastern time, the Resurrection Center is going to be streaming live in real-time on KINGDOM INSIGHT television network which has the potential to reach millions of homes with the Gospel of Jesus Christ in Canada, USA, Africa, Europe, Asia, Oceania, Central and South America. KITV broadcasts on cross.tv, fire TV, apple tv, Roku TV, and android TV, Spotify, Iheartradio and many others.

Through the favor of God, we are planning to launch our own RCTV channel through KITV, which means that we are going to have an opportunity to EMPOWER more people to LOVE-CONNECT-SERVE.

Family, maybe some of you are asking what does any of this have to do with me? How is this going to benefit me and my family? These are great questions. First, to our ConnectPoint subscribers around the world, you will be able to pray and support a ministry that has been assigned a global mandate.  We are also working on providing you with free discipleship courses and content that will empower you to Love, Connect and Serve. Secondly, to the wonderful members of the Resurrection Center, this opportunity is just one way that’s going to give you and your family an opportunity to use your gifts and talents for His Kingdom. It’s going to open many new places for people to learn new skills and to discover new ways to serve. This is going to give some of you a platform to share your gifts with the world through talk shows, teaching, preaching, worship, workshops, dance, drama and even small groups. We plan to create content for children, youth and young adults. Family, our reach and potential are truly “UNLIMITED.”

I’m asking you to take these opportunities to the Lord in prayer. I mean really intercede and pray. We are facing so many uncertainties right now, but we look forward to seeing what God will do. Even if the vaccine is effective and churches can gather again next year, we need to pivot and leverage this crisis to become more effective in reaching our communities for Christ. This is not the time to cower and shrink back in fear! It’s time to position ourselves for advancement! The old church would say, “FORWARD EVER, BACKWARD NEVER.”

Over the last 8 months, we have been working hard to bring you an excellent online experience and while it has improved, we still have a way to go. We are still believing that God is going to provide the $50,000 to $60,000 dollars needed to purchase 3x new 4K professional broadcast cameras that will significantly improve our online streaming quality and give our viewers a better worship experience. We are also working on many other required infrastructure improvement projects.

Family, here is a list of things we need you pray about:

1) Pray for our leaders that God would keep us healthy mentally, physically, financially.
2) Pray for souls.
3) Pray for and connect with local members.
4) Pray for church finances and continue to be faithful in your giving.
5) Pray for our Extended Hands non-profit outreach organization and all our volunteers.
Thank you for taking the time to read and share this newsletter.

Your friend and servant,

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