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Introducing the Eldership Model
of the Resurrection Center

The office of eldership is given in Scripture to provide spiritual nurture and protection for the church. Elders are to shepherd the flock of Jesus Christ through the faithful ministry of the Word and are to lead by godly example.

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Elders are shepherds

Both the Old and New Testaments repeatedly employ the metaphor of "shepherding" to describe the spiritual leadership of God's people. Not surprisingly, the New Testament views elders as shepherds as well (e.g. Acts 20:281 Peter 5:1-4). The elders' mission is to lead, teach, protect and love their church members the way shepherds care for the sheep in a flock, so that the church members will grow up into spiritual maturity (Ephesians 4:11-13).

Elders Teach

Elders must be able to teach (1 Timothy 3:2) so that they can build up the church in sound doctrine and refute false teachers (Titus 1:9; cf. Acts 20:30-31). Elder teaching can take lots of shapes: one-to-one instruction, connect groups, during prayer meetings, classes, or preaching. An elder doesn't need a PhD in biblical studies, but they do need to be able to faithfully explain biblical truth.

Elders must lead

Elders have a measure of authority over the local church. That's why the New Testament also calls them "overseers" or "Bishops". The elders' authority is not absolute or unquestionable, nor should it be exercised in a domineering manner. Yet God calls his shepherds to provide leadership for the flock, and, in general, God expects the church to submit to that leadership (Hebrews 13:17).


Our Lead Pastors
Bishop W.D. BurtonLead Pastor
Glynis BurtonCo-Lead Pastor & Team 1

Honorary Elders
Oscar LucasNon Active
Ronald LoganNon Active

The following Elders are listed in alphabetical order

Claudette FaganElder - Hospitality and Prayer - Team 5 and 7
Danley AlexandreElder - French Ministries
Denise MooreElder - Children's Church (RC Kidz) - Team 6
Dejah Smart MosesElder - First Impressions Team - Team 2
Feguens ExuméElder - Young Adults and Connect Groups - Team 7
Inica GittensElder - Prayer and Intercession - Team 7
Jennifer WilsonElder - Multiple Functions
Kevin ScottElder - Multiple Functions
Ricardo & Elide PierreElder - Lead Pastors French Ministries
Shannon GittensElder - Youth & Young adults - Team 6 & 7
Simona McDonaldElder In Training - Worship and Arts - Team 4
Tamara BrownElder - Worship and Arts - Team 4
Terry WilsonElder - Worship and Arts - Team 4 & Multiple Roles
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